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One Body Integrated Training & Therapy LLC in El Dorado Hills, CA

Celio’s years of in-person practice have made it possible for him to continue his work through online services. My family and I have continued to ‘see Celio’ during the pandemic and haven’t missed a beat. He is still able to assess our pain, understand the problem, and prescribe movements to correct the issue. We are so thankful to be able to continue to have therapy during the pandemic!

Summer Youker, MD

“I came in with a knee problem that prevented me from running for about a year and a half. I had tried everything from traditional physical therapy to shockwave therapy. I had been getting regular massages, which seemed to help but I now know it was only treating the symptom. I am an aspiring competitive triathlete and was devastated at the thought of not being able to run anymore. After three sessions with Celio (and doing the exercises he gave me every day outside of sessions with him), my knee issue cleared up and I have been running confidently for the last 4 months. Celio helped me understand what the problem was and why the exercises and gait change would help – and they did. Since then we have worked on my running holistically to not only remain pain free, but to get faster and produce more power. I would recommend Celio to anyone who is experiencing pain in their body”

Chris Lang, Triathlete 

“I have been coaching Crossfit for the past 7 years and know the aches and pains that comes with WODing hard. I do my mobility and focus on quality movement, but was having major back and sciatic pain which was limiting my ability to WOD. For 2 years I dealt with the pain with no relief until I found Ty and One Body Pain & Performacne Solutions. Working with Ty has me back to hitting new PRs and moving better than I ever had before. Now I do monthly clean up sessions with Ty and refer my athletes having any issues to him. Chiropractors and massage is great, but the work Ty does gets to the root of your problem and fixes it.” 

~Lauren Sandoval, Crossfit Anywhere~

“Grateful I found Ty! In my mid forties, I started having shoulder problems and severe pain in my upper back. It worsened to the point I couldnt exercise or get restful sleep (no comfortable position). I’d tried an ortho (but didn’t want a surgery with long recovery and no guarantee of results), traditonal PT (their standard exercises only made it worse), and chiropractic (temporary relief, but never lasted through a night). I’d basically given up and accepted a life of limited activity and pain when my wife heard about Ty from a colleague. I did get some immediate relief from the treatment, but Ty also tailored some basic exercises for me and went through all my activities (driving, desk work, walking, etc.) and had me change a lot of my body mechanics in everything I do. He kept evolving my exercises as my strength and motion returned, always with a focus on form and mechanics of movement. Six month later, I’m doing strength exercises I never thought possible for middle aged guy with a chronic bad back (dead lifts, deep squats, pullups, more). I surfed today for the first time in five years, paddling around for hours with no shoulder pain. I feel like I have my life back. Thanks Ty!” 

~Jim Bushnell, Attorney~

“Hi Ty!!! I am doing so well! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work you did to get me back on my feet. I have never felt the level of pain I experienced before I came to see you. It was not easy, but you got me back to health and I am so grateful”. 

Susan Leonard, Attorney

“My name is Dustin Fretwell, I play football at Southern Oregon University, and I suffered a hamstring injury that really affected me throughout my season and prevented me from performing to my full capability in games like I wanted to. 

I went to many different specialists as well as our sports program’s athletic trainers, and still could not understand why I was still experiencing these problems with my hamstring. Folsom Family Sports Medicine referred me to Ty’s One Body Integrated Training & Therapy and strongly expressed their confidence in Ty’s ability to help me recover from my injury. 

After showing up for my first session with Ty I had all the confidence in the world that if I gave him a month to work with me that I would be right back to where I needed to be. While training and doing rehab with Ty for a month this summer, I experienced great results. He was able to figure out exactly what was inhibiting my ability to sprint to my best potential and focused on helping me reactivate my glutes and hamstrings to get them stronger than ever. I could tell that he genuinely cared about me being healthy and which gave me a great deal of confidence in what we were doing each session. My hamstrings and glutes might be the strongest they’ve ever been now that I’m going back to Oregon to train for my upcoming season. 

Ty’s awareness of the body is so advanced and has inspired me to achieve the same awareness with my own body. I have been to many rehab facilities and trainers and have never experienced the results I did with Ty over the course of this month. One-day trainers and therapists for athletic programs will catch on to the way Ty goes about his work and the level of injuries will decrease dramatically! 

I am very grateful for what he has done for me and would recommend him before anyone when looking for somebody who knows what they’re doing when it comes to rehab and prehab training.”

“I finally arrived in Brazil after a long journey across 5 differents states across the US. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the treatment. You really helped me. Although I did not have much time available, the bit you did has had much effect. On that night, I had a really good night’s sleep, and in the morning, I left Sacramento pain free. As per your instruction, stretching and exercises are being done with military discipline. The pain did return, but nowhere as severe as it had been! Can’t wait to see you in Brazil for my second section! I was really happy to see how passionate you are about how your NeuroKinetic Therapy can improve a person’s wellbeing. Hope more people can benefit from your gifts. cheers”

Rodrigo Saramago, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and national champion.




“Great place, stomps all over traditional physical therapy. Here, Ty will find the root of your issue and quickly solve your issues. He is friendly and will continue to help you become pain and issue free. No one has been able to fix and solve my problems like Ty, first session, we knocked out issues that months of physical therapy in the past couldn’t. Highly recommended!

James Lee (US National Champion, World Record Holder Squat & Total, 2015) 




“One Body enhancing my retirement! I’m an extremely active 61 year old guy that’s remained fit since my college basketball years. Lower back pain entered in to my life almost 10 years ago, unfavorably impacting my life style. Since starting my program with Celio in Spring of 2015, I have not been laid up one day! No more muscle relaxers. No more weeks of excruciating pain. I walk the golf course and wake up in the morning pain free. I am stronger, steadier, and more confident physically. Celio developed a program to fit my needs which allows me to work out at home or when traveling, and integrates in to my other physical activities. I plan to use these techniques for the rest of my life! If you have physical challenges that are weighing you down, don’t put up with it, join the team at One Body.”

Jim Beckmeyer

“My riding instructor referred me to Celio “Ty” Silva in July of 2015. My first session with Ty was nothing short of miraculous. 6 months after that, while seeing Ty weekly and doing my “homework”, I am not only riding my horses better, I have been in personal training with him! I can deadlift, I kick butt with Kettlebells, ride my heart out, and am now living in a fit, coordinated, pain free body I love. 

At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with double 40 degree S-curve scoliosis, and spent the next 3 years in a full torso fiberglass brace. For 23 hours a day I wore this brace (even while sleeping), in the attempt to halt the curving of my spine. It was truly a device of torture and left me with several scars. At 18 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. In my late 20’s my Fibromyalgia diagnosis was upgraded to Multiple Sclerosis. 

I spent two whole decades of my life looking for the key to my cure. Massage, Pilates, meditation, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki, Sufi energy healing, Yoga, vegetarianism/veganism (22 years), prayer, Macrobiotic, nutritional supplements. When I was 36, I started experiencing moments of loosing complete function of my legs. The constant pain I was in had been unbearable for over a decade. The defining moment in my life, the moment where I voiced the proverbial “Oh, hell no!” was the day I couldn’t continue riding my horse. I could push through any amount of pain, but on this day I lost complete connection from my brain to my legs. I had to wait 10 minutes after stopping on my horse before I could swing my leg over to dismount. There were two things I hadn’t tried: Western prescription medication and flipping my diet. I chose to flip my diet, as prescription medications scare me more than just about anything, for two months. I went from strict vegetarianism to strict Paleo (pastured meat, animal fat, zero grains of any kind, lots of veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds, zero legumes) and in 2 weeks nearly half of my laundry list of symptoms had vanished. Two months later, I was completely symptom free, and had lost 18 pounds. What did remain were some neurological and motor function issues from long term inflammation damage, as well as a general lack of confidence in and connection with my physical capacity after a lifetime of living in a sick, non-performing body. Three years after curing myself, I met Ty. 

I have seen dozens of health care professionals along my journey, all of them top of their game. No one holds a candle to Ty’s ability with the mind/body connection. The gains I continue to make with his treatment and coaching amaze me week after week. Thank you with all my heart Ty, for being a highly trained professional, a fantastic coach, and a fine human being who loves what he does.”

Karen Wright

“Earlier in the year I had set a goal and decided to compete at the 2016 Masters World Championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had set up a training schedule that worked with my family and demanding profession. Approximately six weeks out from the competition I received a back injury which I believed may prevent me from competing. After receiving my injury while drilling takedowns, I contacted Ty and spoke with him regarding my injury. Ty was able to fit me into his already client filled scheduled for a treatment session. 

During the treatment session Ty was able to recognize that I had previous injuries and he started to address those injured areas of my body as well. Apart from the session he provided me with “home work” of prehab exercises and would check in with me a couple times a week to make sure I was doing my “home work.” Ty was able to resolve my back issue along with other chronic body issues I was having. With a healed back I was able to have a very positive result during my competition. 

Ty is truly a master in his discipline of body work and an encouraging person to be around. Through additional prehab training sessions with Ty I have been witness to his interactions with other clients. Through these interactions I have witnessed his true and sincere concern for their wellbeing and quality of life through movement. Without a doubt Ty is my go to for bodywork and rehab/prehab. 

Obrigado Mestre!!!”

Kyle Parker, Paratrooper/Special Forces Veteran, BJJ Purple Belt

“I would like to recommend Celio “Ty” Silva, a professional Trainer and Therapist. I have found Ty to be an extraordinary physical Trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence, and discipline. We have specifically trained for physical ailments related to my profession as a dentist. When I first started training with Ty I could hardly lift my right shoulder. Through his help I am able to use my shoulder again. He has great knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function, and is capable of determining my individual ability. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset. His willingness to work with me at my own level has brought me confidence in my workouts. Ty is a great motivator. He is always ready to accomplish the workout of the day. I highly recommend him, for both his professionalism and the real results I have experienced.”

John Puig, DDS 
Folsom, CA

“Joining One Body was a last ditch effort before I resigned myself to the idea that middle age meant getting “squishy”. As a 40 year-old woman who has been an athlete my entire life, I was completely shocked when my muscle started to disappear behind a layer a fat. This was happening despite intense cardio workouts 6 days per week and a strict diet! I had decided that I was just going to have to live with a squishy body as it was impossible to fit in any more workout time. After just 2 months of working out with Celio, I was re-discovering my athlete’s body of old. I have been at One Body for over a year now and am getting close to looking like I did at 25. Looking good is only one of the benefits, though. I actually spend less time working out than I used to. I’m getting more sleep as a result and my sleep is more restful. Celio has taught me how to work out “smarter”. Also truly amazing: most of the chronic injuries from my years as a collegiate athlete are no more. Celio uses his knowledge of physiology, sports massage and training to re-balance my body and keep me healthy. I look better, feel better, and have a better outlook because of Celio Silva and One Body. Thank you!”

Summer R. Youker, MD, FAAD, FACMS

“By the time our wedding and honeymoon came along, I can honestly say that I was in the best shape and health of my life. For the very first time, I had visible muscles and was successfully executing exercises that I could have never imagined myself doing. But, little did I know that the true test of my training was yet to come…” (Read full story here)

Aimee Carrol

“After having two babies in 16 months, I was looking to lose my “baby weight” for good. I’ve trained with Ty for 6 months, burned 30 pounds of fat and built 10lbs of muscle, and have never felt better! Before I started training with Ty, looking forward to working out would have been a joke, but the atmosphere is positive, encouraging and always leaves me wanting more! In 6 months, we’ve never repeated a training session once, which is important for me because it’s easy to lose motivation when you do the same routine over and over. Ty has an extraordinary sense of each individual’s limits with weights and exercises. Training is intense, yet attainable and that’s how we get results! He is a great assistance in helping you to lead a healthier life at home by offering his food expertise as well. If you’re looking for a healthy change, no matter where you are at now, you’ll fit in and love it at One Body!”

Carly Smith

“Ty is very knowledgeable and professional, I would highly recommend his work. He has released my shoulder from a frozen state to full mobility.”

Mike Fagnoni
Owner & Chef at Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay

“Celio ‘Ty’ Silva is amazing! His energy, enthusiasm and passion for life-long fitness is absolutely contagious! He has changed my outlook on fitness and I have really transformed my lifestyle to revolve around healthy living. At first, I was reluctant to see a personal trainer because I was afraid he would yell at me and be mean (like biggest loser!), but Ty is so encouraging and has such a pleasant positive attitude. Once you meet him, you’ll know what I mean! I actually look forward to working out with him!”

Aimee Mundy
Folsom, CA

“There is no doubt that training with Ty has made me a better athlete, both physically and mentally. I was amazed to see improvements in both my ultra-running and my weightlifting. Ty really pushed me to live up to my potential as an athlete.”

Ben Doar
Ultramarathon Runner
1st place in his age group at Mount Diablo State Park 50 miles race
9th place USA Track & Field 100 Mile National Trail Championship

“I have been attending Celio’s training sessions for the past year and a half. I have found his attention to detail as to what I want from a work out session, to be outstanding. Celio is there with you at every step, making sure that the exercise movements you are performing are done properly. His training knowledge and concerns that you get results from every session is first and foremost.”

Mark Levens

“As coach of a U13- boys select team I am looking to get an edge on training. Last season Celio came out an hour a week and offered a challenging diversity of exercises and workouts to strengthen my players both physically and mentally. His knowledge of training, ability to work effectively with the kids, and knowledge of the game of soccer made him the perfect fit for my needs. He is well accepted and respected by the team and I continue to use his services this season.”

Coach Mike
U13 – Boys Select “Impact”

“As a boxer Ty has helped me evolve into a more well rounded fighter. Ty trained my ass off with creative and effective workouts, which I have to say almost left me puking. Not only has Ty shown me workouts for boxing, he has also turn Jiu Jitsu into more natural and logical movements than wrestling. He has a very effective training regiment which I intend to continue on every visit to Sacramento.”

Jacob Munson-Decker
4 years amature boxing
3 year with UNR colleget boxing team
Record 5-0