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Personal Training

Private Training

Private Training affords the client the benefits of having a personal trainer’s undivided attention for the entire duration of the session. For clients with special considerations, competitive and high level athletes, seniors and those who prefer the privacy of their own session.


FREE First Session (Fitness Assesment)
1x a week = $400 per month
2x a week = $750 per month
  3x a week = $1,000 per month

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private training takes place in small group setting of 2 to 5 clients each following their own individual programming. Clients receive close attention and personal guidance from a professional trainer while benefiting from the group environment and significant savings.


FREE First Session (Fitness Assessment)
  2x a week = $240 a month
  3x a week = $300 a month
  4x a week = $400 a month
  5x a week = $500 a month

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