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Pain & Performance

Serving El Dorado Hills and Surrounding Areas of Sacramento

At One Body we look at the complexity of the human body through the lenses of neuroscience, biomechanics, physiology, and kinesiology. Our methodology is based on sensory-motor integration, proper neuromuscular function, and movement education. We also highly value strength as a foundation of human health, alongside fundamental physical capabilities such as stability, mobility, and conditioning. It is our core principle that each body is uniquely organized, and that it is very important to analyze its full history and inter-actions in its own context to be fully understood and optimized. Our individualized and detailed-oriented approach to assessment and programming identifies and corrects dysfunctional patterns and chronic problems, rehabilitating old injuries while minimizing the potential for new or recurring ones. Whether the goal is pain elimination, fitness training, or performance enhancement, our focus is on ensuring proper body function in order to promote a robust system that is fully capable of responding well to the stressors of daily life and any physical activity.


With the exception of our initial consultation (first session) which lasts a full hour, our sessions are 45 minutes long in-person and 30 minutes long on-line. After the initial consultation, which includes a full assessment, treatment, training, and a home-program, clients may opt to book a single session at a time, or to sign up for our monthly memberships (no long-term contract) according to their goal, budget, and schedule. The investment for our in-person sessions are as follows:


Initial Consultation = $160

Individual/Single Session = $180

Monthly Memberships

3x week = $1.200 per month

2x week = $900 per month

1x week = $500 per month

2x month = $320 per month


The investment for our on-line consultation is on our Online page.