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Sensory-Motor Integration (SMI)


Sensory-Motor Integration (SMI) is a movement-based method of integrated therapy and training that assess and correct faulty movement patterns along with dysfunctions in the nervous system and motor control that cause pain and performance problems. SMI takes into account each client/patient’s history, and combines it with postural and movement analysis, including gait, in addition to manual muscle tests integrated with sensory stimulation, to reprogram the neuromyofascial system and reinforce functional patterns through soft tissue optimization and movement education.

SMI is based on neuroscience, kinesiology, biomechanics, physiology, and evolutionary anthropology, along with the best research and clinical evidence. Our courses teach movement-based health professionals practical skills to identify and eliminate the root cause of their patients/clients problems. Our method provides a complete intervention protocol from assessment to programing, from rehab to performance, including the use of therapy and training tools, and it can be implemented not only in-person but also long distance via online consultation.

We currently offer two levels of our seminars, taught in three days each, from Friday through Sunday. Both levels are twenty two hours long, and participation in level 1 is required for participation in level 2. Each seminar includes its own manual and powerpoint presentation, both made available to students prior to each course, along with our Assessment & Programming Form, as well as a certificate of attendance. Support post-seminar is offered through a closed group exclusive for SMI students. Below is our agenda for each level.


Level 1 Course Agenda 


  • Presentation                                                           1-4pm
  • Intake Process and Postural Analysis                 4-6pm


Multiplanar Assessment                                         8-10am

  • Articular Assessment (ROM)                               10am-12pm
  • Lunch                                                                      12-1:30pm
  • Neuromyofascial Assessment                            1:30-3:30pm
  • Involuntary Movement Assessment                  3:30-6pm


  • Sensory-Motor Reprogramming                        8am-12pm
  • Lunch                                                                      12-1:30pm
  • Gait Analysis and Repatterning                          1:30-4:30pm
  • Review and Q&A                                                   4:30-5:30pm
  • Course Conclusion                                                5:30-6pm


Level 2 Course Agenda 


  • Case Studies                                                          1-2pm
  • SMI Protocol                                                          2-3pm
  • Neuromyofascial Assessment                            3-4pm
  • Sensory-Motor Reprogramming                        4-5pm
  • Gait                                                                          5-6pm


  • Rolling Patterns                                                    8-9am
  • Advanced Neuromyofascial Assessment         9-10am
  • Perturbation Assessment                                   10-11am
  • Orthopedic Tests                                                  11am-12pm
  • Lunch                                                                      12-1:30pm
  • Movement Repatterning                                     1:30-4pm
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training                     4-6pm


  • Serape                                                                    8am-12pm
  • Lunch                                                                      12-1:30pm
  • Floss                                                                        1:30-2:30pm
  • Cupping                                                                  2:30-3:30pm
  • Taping                                                                     3:30-5pm
  • Course Conclusion                                               5-6pm

2022 Calendar of Events 

  • Level 1: Dallas, Texas                                     June 10th-12th
  • Level 1: Sacramento, California                   August 19th-21st
  • Level 2: Dallas, Texas                                     TBA
  • Level 2: Sacramento, California                    TBA


Early Bird (until 30 days before class) 

  • Level 1: $550
  • Level 2: $650

Late Registration (last 30 days before class)

  • Level 1: $650
  • Level 2: $750


(Registration can be fully reimbursed in case of cancellation up to one week before class, minus any fees involved. Last week cancelations can be reimbursed 80%, as 20% will be retained for the course material provided one week before class, plus any fees involved.) 

SMI Level 1 Dallas Registration

SMI Level 1 Sacramento Registration