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About Us

One Body Integrated Training & Therapy, LLC was created by Celio “Ty” Silva with the goal of helping advance the fields of Personal Training and Soft Tissue Therapy while helping bridge the gap between both practices. Ty is a cutting edge and innovative trainer and therapist who believes the gym and clinic environments should be wholistic places where people develop their bodies to their full potential.
Before opening One Body in 2012 Ty successfully ran his own gym, The Red Pit Sports & Fitness Cross Training, in Folsom for almost 5 years. He also ran his own massage therapy business, New Body Massage Therapy, in Folsom for 1 ½ years.
At One Body Ty has the ability to integrate the best practices in fitness and therapy in order to deliver to his clients a complete system of wellness.
Celio is also an international presenter, teaching NeuroKinetic Therapy as well as his own seminars around the world every year.
He has been nominated favorite Personal Trainer in Folsom and El Dorado Hills three years in a row. He is available for consulting with individuals as well as coorporations.
Celio enjoys spending his time off work reading and being around his wife and three kids playing sports and games.


Samantha Van Winkle

Samantha Van Winkle is our Office Assistant and also one of our Personal Trainers. Her fitness journey started during her attendance at Sierra College in 2010. After spending hours in the gym not having any idea what she was doing, she switched her major to Kinesiology to learn more about fitness. She soon began seeing results on herself, which lit the fire to fuel her passion for exercise.

In 2013 Samantha joined the U.S. Army and during her four years spent in the armed forces she served as a combat photographer and videographer. After being medically retired for multiple injuries in 2017 she was finally able to pursue her dreams and enrolled in the National Personal Training Institute in Sacramento California.

Now that she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a personal trainer she continues to learn as much as she can about the human body and new ways to help her clients be fit, avoid pain, and improve performance.

In her spare time Samantha enjoys attending events with her husband such as: car shows where she can take photos, practicing archery, and spending countless hours at the gym.

Samantha is passionate about what she does because she has a heart for helping others. Her goal is to help others live a healthy lifestyle and feel better in the bodies they were given.

To contact Samantha please call her at (530) 320-0437 or email her at samantha@onefitbody.net

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