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About Us

One Body Integrated Training & Therapy, LLC was created by Celio “Ty” Silva with the goal of helping advance the fields of Personal Training and Soft Tissue Therapy while helping bridge the gap between both practices. Ty is a cutting edge and innovative trainer and therapist who believes the gym and clinic environments should be wholistic places where people develop their bodies to their full potential.
Before opening One Body in 2012 Ty successfully ran his own gym, The Red Pit Sports & Fitness Cross Training, in Folsom for almost 5 years. He also ran his own massage therapy business, New Body Massage Therapy, in Folsom for 1 ½ years.
At One Body Ty has the ability to integrate the best practices in fitness and therapy in order to deliver to his clients a complete system of wellness.
Celio is also an international presenter, teaching NeuroKinetic Therapy as well as his own seminars around the world every year.
He has been nominated favorite Personal Trainer in Folsom and El Dorado Hills three years in a row. He is available for consulting with individuals as well as coorporations.
Celio enjoys spending his time off work reading and being around his wife and three kids playing sports and games.


Michael Petrow, MS, CPT, CMT, NMR

Michael Petrow is an integrative performance coach-specialist that blends innovative manual therapy practices with integrative movement conditioning processes for an empowering coaching experience to help individuals optimize their bodies in and outside of a session.

His professional journey started in 1999, when he became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) for large gym chain.  His journey continued both in the gym environment and out the gym environment, as he became a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) in 2011 and took on multiple certifications-credentials in health coaching, manual therapy techniques, human performance and injury rehabilitation, and got exposed to a wide range of teaching and education building opportunities.  Given his experience as an athlete and struggles with injury over the years, he developed a strong passion for getting to the bottom of what causes pain and restriction and effects functional performance. 

Michael is also an industry educator, teaching integrative mind body and performance education for Evidenced Based Fitness Academy and for Neuromuscular Reprogramming. 

His passion is contagious as he seeks to expand as an individual and empower both his clients and other industry practitioners with the knowledge and practical tools to move-live without restriction and reach their peak potential.

In his free time, Michael enjoys developing his movement skills, exploring his understanding of human thought and action, increasing his knowledge of the body, and expressing his creativity through photography-videography and content creation.  

To contact Michael please call him at 530.409.6387.

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