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Welcome to One Body Pain & Performance Solutions!

Located in El Dorado Hills

One Body is the premier location in El Dorado Hills and greater Sacramento area for pain & performance solutions. We focus on permanently solving our clients problems by addressing the root cause of their symptoms. Our integrated work combines the most cutting edge and proven methods of bodywork (manual therapy) and movement therapy. Our diverse clientele ranges from professional athletes, police officers, firefighters, special forces and medical staff to teachers, bodyworkers, trainers, business executives, contractors, soccer moms, runners, weekend warriors, crossfitters, horse riders, etc… and we welcome people of all walks of life! 
We offer private training, semi-private training, manual therapy, corporate wellness, and workshops. We specialize in individual coaching, pain elimination, movement education, strength & conditioning, sports performance, and injury prevention & rehabilitation.

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“I came to one body with over 14 years of unresolved sports injuries. I have been an Active Duty Army Officer for five years and I was a three sport athlete in high school. After years of living with constant pain and performance inhibiting hamstring and shoulder injuries, I stumbled upon a magazine ad for One Body Integrated Training manual release therapy.

For over a decade I had been frustrated with Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers, all of whom treated my symptoms and prescribed the same things: stretch, pain meds and rest. The first two never provided relief and rest is not an option for a professional Soldier. When I decided to try out for the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) this spring, I knew I needed some help and Ty Silva was a Godsend.

Ty diagnosed all of my muscular problems and provided me with a training plan to ensure they didn’t return. My success at Special Forces Assessment and Selection could not have been possible without the therapy I received at One Body. I am now on my way to become a Green Beret and want others to know that you do not have live with pain. I was without hope of relief and Ty helped me to not only achieve relief but to regain the top performance that my body was missing out on for years.”


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