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"Quality of Life through Quality of Movement"

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Welcome to the registration page for our incredible workshops!
The FMT Blades certification will review screening dysfunctional movement patterns and utilizing soft tissue tools to improve patient treatment. The anatomy, physiology and MOST IMPORTANTLY the neurology of myofascial soft tissue work is covered, along with supporting research. IASTM intervention strategies will also be combined with kinesiology taping and corrective exercise techniques to deliver a comprehensive approach to patient care.

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RockBlade Certification
October 14th
8am - 5pm
FMT Blades is an 8Hr IASTM certification led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy AND you get to keep the tools you use in the class. FMT Blades introduces the concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement via Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). The tools may be hard-edged, but the techniques don’t need to be aggressive to deliver superior patient outcomes.